What’s Plowns?

Every child creates something new everyday. While some create paintings, others create clay models & so on. But where do these creations go? Plowns is a platform for parents to store & share all the amazing things created by children everyday.

Why Plowns?

270 million children across India & 1.5 billion children across the world are creating awesome things every moment. But these creations get lost over a period of time. If you try, will you be able to find those amazing or not so amazing drawings from your childhood? But won’t you to love to relive those memories? And besides not being saved, these creations are not seen by anyone outside the immediate family & teachers. Isn’t that unfair? Billions of masterpieces being created across the world everyday & left to rot in a closet somewhere! Don’t kids deserve that their brilliant creations are saved for life & seen by the entire world? Welcome to Plowns!

Who are we?

We are six like minded people wanting to build a happier future for our next generation. People who are creators at heart & want the world to witness the genius in every child