Welcome to Plowns

Every child is a creator at heart — while some create paper boats, others draw boats on a piece of paper. We want to give these creations a space, a platform that is meant to showcase the talent in any child.

The idea is not to make children do something extra but to bring the work done by them in classrooms or as homework or something done by them in their free time to an online platform, where the work can be shared with a wider audience.

How Does it Work

Any child (or parent) can create an account & get started. Start sharing your essays/ drawings or whatever you want, as long as it's in the form of an image. Once uploaded, any Plowns user will be able to see your work. You can also share your entries with your friends. Anybody can show their appreciation for your creativity by giving you a star and/or by commenting on your work Keep sharing & Keep improving!

Who are we?

Plowns is what happens when a struggling author & a computer scientist (and former Professor) come together. Bound by the love of creativity & a passion for education, Adarsh & Harsh decided to create a platform meant to celebrate the best in every child & to give them a platform to showcase their talent.


Adarsh is an MBA from IIM Indore followed by 5 years of work experience with some of India's biggest online companies. Having launched & managed businesses in the past, he always wanted to start up on his own & was just waiting for some idea to start giving him sleepless nights. His love for writing and an unpublished book after 5 years of hard work made Plowns the ideal platform.


Harshdeep is the in-house technocrat. After doing his masters from US, he spent some time working for one of the biggest software companies in the world. His love for India & the opportunities on offer brought him back. As he spent some time teaching Computer Science at Bachelors and Masters level at one of India's premier engineering colleges, he realized there is a lot to be done in the education industry.